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Ladies and Gentlemen, I made a new website. Loads of cool websitey things on it that make it look more websitey. Cool.

For a while I have been trying to create a process that allows me to program the graft required to improve on various gymnastics skills, but also be able to give super bespoke feedback on technique for EVERYTHING, not just the final skill itself. If you're doing a pushup sub-optimally for your goals, I want to know and I want to be able to advise an intervention.

I started at pure 1to1 PT sessions which was really cool and I loved every moment of it (which is why I will continue to do these), but there have always been people I have had to turn away because I don't have time to be at the gym and give them what they need to improve. Then came some Excel based programming to supplement PT sessions. This worked really well because PT alone isn't enough, it is too biased on the technical side and less on the graft required to build strength in correct positions. However it was super cumbersome from my end and I struggled to keep enthusiasm in creating new interesting workouts day-in, day-out.

Throughout my time coaching adults gymnastics skills for fitness, I have noticed some trends, and developed systems to fix certain problems. So the coaching input has become 'which issue requires intervention?' and then making sure there is a program which will achieve that. Coupled with bespoke technical feedback this is now a system I'm happy to roll out to the world and whoever wishes to improve their gymnastics ability for fitness.

I honestly wasn't sure whether I'd ever be happy with a method of remote coaching gymnastics. It always seemed like a thing people did for money. Coaching for me has always been about the joy on someone's face when they achieve something they have worked hard for, and helping more and more people do that is the dream. I've read many quotes along the lines of "if you're happy with your first product that you roll out, you waited too long", well I waited too long then. Because I think it's pretty good.

If you're interested, the website has information on the programs, pricing, and all the contact information if you'd like to just chat with me about how it could help you.

Play Hard. Point Your Fucking Toes.


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