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What did I miss?

Redundancy, new job, lockdown ended. I took all my programs down from the website because I didn't have time to fulfil any orders. Things have settled down now so I am back in my coaching hat and ready to help anyone and everyone.

Redundancy was pretty tough mentally but exactly what I needed. Even though I hated my job (I don't use that word often but I was genuinely miserable) I still felt like I hadn't done enough, maybe I wasn't good enough, maybe I wasn't clever enough, maybe my interpersonal skills just didn't cut it. I always look inwards at times like this, how can I do better? But actually in this case, I was just in the wrong place. It's good to look at whether you are performing or whether there's room for improvement, because there's always room for improvement. But one thing we all need to remember is that, just because we are open to the idea that we could be better, doesn't mean where we currently are isn't good enough.

Within my stupid short notice period (which I fortunately didn't have to work), I had 3 job offers from more prestigious or more employee focused companies, for more money and most importantly more responsibility. Other people trusted me to do more and be more, so I started to trust myself again. I was so sure I was confident in my job, my Masters degree and Chartered Engineer status surely is enough to be comfortable right? I've learned from this that my confidence can easily be knocked no matter how much of a knowledge foundation I've created for myself. Which is a scary thought to be honest. But it has made me more keen to make sure I have the right people around me. Not only to make sure I have the right people around me, but that I'm a beacon of inspiration trying to create situations that BUILD confidence and not to destroy it. Everyone has the power to do both, we just have to choose which one.

So I chose a job with less commute, more security, and the kindest-seeming people in charge. It doesn't matter how kind the employees are if the directors are douchebags. I've spent the last few months learning a new industry, meeting new people and building relationships, all my favourite shit. This brings me back to my feelings from last year. All the best things are on the horizon of something scary.

In this time we have come out of lockdown and I can coach freely in person again. So I guess I'll be coming coaching again! Super excited to meet new people and friends I've not seen in so long, come check out some workshops and point your fucking toes! More workshops, online programs, and in-person coaching in Sheffield, Engineer/Coach is back on. It's been just Engineer for too long.

Those of you that I coached online last year, you know who you are and you are amazing. You kept me focussed on learning and improving when I needed it most. We built something awesome off the back of it too. I appreciate you guys.

If you need help with gymnastics, I have time for you, I can help, get yourself on on the team and onto a program.

Have a lovely time


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1 Comment

Aug 05, 2021

Love this!

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