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Whatsup Suckas!

You know the drill, I’ve had some thoughts so im writing them down. Today’s thought is about authenticity and how this project fits into my own training and lifestyle. I don’t want to be preaching something I’m not living completely, so I’m going to be making a few changes (more like additions) to the content I put out.

I believe you can coach something you can’t do yourself, this is a philosophy that keeps me sane when I think about things I could do in the past and have no chance being able to do now. I have done things I’m proud to say I could do, but I could never prove that to someone now. Would you want to be coached by me on how to do ‘Cross’ on the rings, for example? I could do this skill when I was a gymnast, more importantly I had to train hard to be able to do it. It took focus and dedication to get there. Can I do it now? Absolutely no chance. It would actually be hilarious to see me try.

Could I coach someone towards this skill? Absolutely. I know exactly how to improve strength in the right places, dangers of overtraining connective tissues in the joints, correct positions and incorrect positions. So its possible to coach something you can’t do any more.

Let’s take for example, a skill I could never do. Top Planche. I have never achieved this skill, because I was neither flexible nor strong enough. Could I coach someone to achieve this skill? Absolutely. I know exactly how to improve strength in the right places, dangers of overtraining connective tissues in the joints, correct positions and incorrect positions. So it’s possible to coach something you can’t do.

Do I think it’s a good idea to have a coach who has never been in your position before? This is where this theory breaks down. Having a coach that understands how you feel because they have lived it is priceless. Yes, there are great coaches who haven’t, but getting an athlete bought into your system is infinitely easier and builds greater trust if you have been through your own method. You are authentic because you have lived what you are preaching (for want of a better word).

This brings me back to my current training goals and also why I started RPC. These 2 entities are not in full alignment and I will be adapting some of my content in the future. I started RPC to bring knowledge of gymnastics into the fitness world in order to improve efficiency, longevity in the sport and widen the scope training practices. Which is why much of my content focuses on techniques for achieving difficult skills, how to and how not to perform exercises and why they are important. I am a qualified gymnastics coach so I have a lot to say within this ideology. My current training goal, however, is to qualify for the English Weightlifting Championships in 2020. I’ve said it out loud on the internet now, so I better get there… So as well as gymnastics content, I will be adding in how I’m using methodologies from gymnastics to improve my positions and stay injury free whilst training towards my Olympic Weightlifting goal.

My current programs are very Snatch, Clean & Jerk and Squat focussed, so gymnastics warm ups, accessories including handstands, core work and flexibility are currently extras. These happen to be pretty useful concepts for anyone training weightlifting and gymnastics in tandem and will form the rest of the content I put out. For me they are just as important as weightlifting strength and technique and just as relevant as any weightlifting accessory exercises. Of course most training methods work, this is my method because its part of my toolbox. I have some potential problems to solve, and I am using the tools in my locker to do so.

Authenticity is a strange concept, just being you on the outside as well as the inside achieves authenticity but its easy to create an ideal sense of yourself online so that people will buy into your model/concept/ideology/whatever you want to call it. I want this project to be about how I attempt to solve problems, whether the methods work or not, and it show the growth of a system rather than attempt to show an already perfect system. I’ll always be honest about what I can do, what I can’t and even who can in that situation.

If you’re still interested, you know where everything lives. Questions to Instagram (@reidperformancegymnastics) or Facebook (Reid Performance Gymnastics).

Enjoy yourselves!


Photo: @vikkiaskerphotography

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